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Personas: MarkOps
Use Cases: Account-Based Marketing
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Marketing Operations Specialists who are supporting Account-based Marketing initiatives.

Challenge Name Description
Cross-sell and Up-sell It's difficult to know about your customers' needs and wants, and even when you do it's challenging to be able to provide the right messages to them to help them see ways they can do more business with you.
Inefficiencies Acquiring New Customers Manual effort to email and engage prospects leads to major inefficiencies that impede forward progress in acquiring new customers.
Benefit Name Description (140)
Increases Efficiency Through extensive features and capabilities, HubForce products significantly increase the efficiency of their users.
Increases Leads By automating significant parts of the demand generation process, CRM Center enables its users to increase leads in a meaningful way.
Single Source of Truth Everyone in the organization can see all information about leads, contacts and accounts in the same way at the same time.
Cost Savings By eliminating lots of manual, time consuming tasks, HubForce products help you save money.
Improved Customer Retention Better data-enabled communications gives customers a better experience so you retain their business.
Customer Name Testimonial Quote Author
AccuFactor HubForce made it really easy for us to segment our CRM and target specific leads for ABM campaigns. Stacy Smith